The Airman AX38u-7, which has a longer stick and additional counterweight compared to the AX33u-7, ensures that your work is always done efficiently thanks to improved controls and the full range of energy-saving functions. The machine features a Japanese made Yanmar stage V compliant engine that requires no aftertreatment device, which means less maintenance time and cost.
The electronic controller, along with the ECO mode, automatic idle system and PWR mode selection, provides you with economical fuel consumption, high efficiency and reduced noise and emission levels.
The forward tilting cab and large engine hoods allow for easy and fast job site maintenance.
The 38u can be ordered in a variety of specifications: full specification, medium specification or bare specification depending on customer demand.
Available options are: joystick (proportional) operated levers (AFL), battery, radio, air conditioning, hose rupture valves (HRV) and overload valves.

DETTAGLI: AX38U-7 – Hokuetsu Industries Europe BV

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