MDT CCS Tower Cranes (NEW)

Equipped with the new Crane Control System, the MDT CCS range provides greater performances. This user-friendly crane control system offers owners the highest levels of comfort, flexibility, ergonomic control – translating to better return on investment.
MDT CCS Topless concept allows complex multi-crane installations. The assembly, erection, transport and even maintenance phases are shortened. Optimum productivity and greater safety make MDT CCS cranes the best alternative for all users and hirers.

ModelloCapacità nominaleSbraccio massimoCarico in puntaAltezza sotto gancio
MDT 249 J1010 t65 m2.75 t53 m
MDT 249 J1212 t65 m2.6 t51.7 m
MDT 259 J1010 t65 m3.1 t71.2 m
MDT 259 J1212 t65 m2.9 t71.2 m
MDT 269 J1010 t65 m3.3 t74 m
MDT 269 J1212 t65 m3.1 t74 m
MDT 31912 t70 m3.2 t74 m
MDT 389 L1212 t75 m3.4 t95.7 m
MDT 389 L1616 t75 m3.3 t95.7 m

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